These are some of my bigger projects that I've worked on over the years. To get a feel for project scope, code quality, or any other details, please feel free to check out the associated articles, code, slides, etc.

  • Sprout Social Index

    Screenshot of Sprout Social Index website

    A beautiful, retrofuturist microsite design that pushed the limits of my CSS skills.

  • Austin PBS

    Screenshot of Austin PBS website

    A full stack website overhaul that reimagines public media in Central Texas for a new generation.

  • Austin City Limits

    Screenshot of Austin City Limits website

    A long-overdue website redesign and a case study in vastly reducing technical debt. Bringing the sounds of Austin to the world.

  • Wes Bos's /uses Contribution

    Screenshot of Wes Bos's /uses Contribution website

    An open source project pull request working with site meta tags, React Helmet, and statically hosted imagery on Gatsby.

  • Tackling a Website Redesign

    Screenshot of Tackling a Website Redesign website

    TechCon 2019 presentation on the website redesign process. Highlights include evaluating technical debt, determining scope of website redesign, and embracing a Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Strategy.

  • ACL Hall of Fame

    Screenshot of ACL Hall of Fame website

    Honoring the legacy of a musical institution.