Hey, I'm Joey

I'm a Web Developer in Austin, Texas. From Geocities to GatsbyJS, I've been writing web code for a long, long time. This is my site where I write about big projects I'm working on, small coding exercises, and developer life in general.

You can read more about my coding journey on my About page. If you want to work together, I can be reached through email or LinkedIn.

Let's build some cool stuff together.

Joey Reyes, wearing a gray hoodie, standing outdoors in front of some palmetto plants, looking into the camera.

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  • Sprout Social Index

    Screenshot of Sprout Social Index website

    A beautiful, retrofuturist microsite design that pushed the limits of my CSS skills.

  • Austin PBS

    Screenshot of Austin PBS website

    A full stack website overhaul that reimagines public media in Central Texas for a new generation.

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